Renaissance of Religion to Pin Down Bigotry

There are two aspects of human life. One is physical aspect while the other is spiritual aspect. Corporeal part is for ethereal grooming of person. All revealed religions believe that divine facet is the fundamental raison d’ĂȘtre for human existence in the world. They have conviction that there will be life after death and accountability after resurrection. But paradoxically majority of the people have thrown religion to the backburner from soup to nuts that has blue ruin and gimped in their moral fiber. Grunge dwellers of the globe have become captives to their inexhaustible aspirations and sky-rocketing cost of breathing. Eat, drink and be merry have become rationale of living because a great deal of the hoi polloi have botched to grasp purpose of their life due to myopic vision. A materialistic society tapped out of humanity and probity can barely be called human society. Man has drawn a blank to envisage beyond his bread and butter that has basket cased the length and breadth of his spiritual lust. He spares no effort to use his toil to churn out utmost profit to lead a luxurious life. Therefore, tortuous journey of his life stains his persona by entrapping him in an endless vicious cycle of materialism. A Punbabi mystic poet fittingly ascribed:Door azal ton nangay pinday aya ais jehanay;Banda ik kafan de khatar kinan painda karda ay.(Ever since his creation man has come into the world in his birth suitand he travels a long distance just for the sake of a coffin)Despite watching demise of near and dear ones, greater numerals of mollydookers are left high and dry to adjudicate and believe that they are also bound to kick the bucket. Therefore, multitudes of baggage-smashers have a circumscribed vista about life and for them glittering earthiness is everything. The stumblebum does not find out anything from his astringent experiences to perk up his persona. Brecht, a German dramatist, rightly attributed, that man learns from his experiences only as much as a rabbit learns about his anatomy after a dissection. Due to his ludicrousness man didn’t ameliorate his disposition and stance towards life even after lapse of thousands of years carrying millions of diverse trials in its chronology. Notwithstanding the latest innovations and material advancements crackpot is becoming more apathetic and overwrought with each fleeting moment. Therefore, all his illusory dazzling progress is counter-progress that has folded up and crinched his temperament.Almost all religions preach good things and curse malevolent preoccupations. But their followers deliberately mold and mutilate religious doctrines according to their own desires. Due to divergence from authentic religious teachings the retinues carry on to tread on tenebrous and stubborn thoroughfares that peg out spirituality. Ironically purblind man seeks differences in various religions instead of finding common things to develop interfaith harmony for peaceful coexistence. These downbeat attitudes create bad blood among the devotees of various religions that can wreak havoc by igniting warfare on religious grounds. Despite having bare knowledge about different religious convictions everyone considers his own faith true while tagging the followers of others groping in the dark land of bewilderness. This is a bald fact that the hardhead live wires are perpetually frittering away thinking faculty and tolerance to listen to the views of others that may enable them to distinguish between right and wrong by broadening their outlook.Caste is by birth that cannot be altered but ideas can be modified after sifting truth from falsehood. However, incongruously preponderance of people in the world are blind followers of their parents’ religions as quick fix because they have jack up to explore the mystery of life. In majority of the cases the subsequent progeny is more well-informed than the previous one but the time pay out by adherents of succeeding generations to comprehend religions is perpetually trimming down that has bred dogmatism and redundant zeal. Most of the people inherit religion or sect as possessions or caste without any sense of comprehension and appreciation. This reveals that man is least caring about numinous segment because he has no time to make out purpose of his vitality.The secular western countries have pushed religion to the background. During the Dark Ages the Church was so commanding in the West that it distributed certificates of the Heaven. Even the kings and emperors were subservient to the Pope. Men of brain like Socrates, Aristotle and Galileo suffered gruesomely at the hands of church authorities. All and sundry were denied access to education. No one was permitted to criticize vindictive activities of cathedrals. Due to infliction of injustices and cruelties upon innocent people by popes and priests the rank and file started detesting religion because considered clergy as custodian of religion.After American Revolution of 1775 and French Revolution 1789, the dwellers of the western countries raised their voices against religion and blamed it for spreading evils and conflicts in the world. After establishment of democracy in several countries of the West the teeming millions enjoyed freedom of expression and liberty of choice. Due to reactionary cerebral evolution of the western people, religion was declared as a private matter by severing it from the state affairs. The canopy of national chauvinism emerged as an enthralling force that persistently marginalized religion. This blind nationalism led to sparking off the two horrible World Wars resulting in horrendous consequences. Delusion of race superiority generated abhorrence among various nations that generated cracks in fabric of humankind.Secularism emerged as self-satisfactory persuasive dynamic after giving air to negative role of religious institutions. Secularism means the belief that religion and religious bodies should have no part in political or civic affairs or in running public institutions, especially schools. Thus secularism has deprived countries of fulfilling spiritual needs of its subjects. The secular developed states are encompassing almost all requirements of their public except highly desirable spiritual needs while the non-secular states are relentlessly stepping into the shoes of spiritually clapped out nations in this context. Therefore, the numbers of people who practice religion in letter and spirit are steadily dwindling all over the world. Ultimately, large scores of liberal natives of the planet have turned to agnostics and atheists by permanently excluding religion even from their private lives. This is the eventual phase of spiritual washout. There is no difference between atheists and other subhuman creatures because both have same aims and objectives in their life, i.e., dine to glut tummies, gulp to quench thirst and derive pleasure from scintillating earthy things. Man should identify purpose of his creation and strive to sieve veracity from mendacity.Sectarianism is acting as blight by fanning fanaticism that taints true image of religion. The people having religious inclinations sent their children to particular institutions and the kids during their formative phase of life imbibe a confrontational sectarian view. The tutors hammer into their minds that their approach is accurate while that of the others is wide of the mark. Almost all armies of the world recruit cadets at the age of 15 to 25 years so that they can easily brainwash them by indoctrinating national spirit to safeguard state interests. Therefore, they remain stuck to their guns and are not easily dissuaded from their basic principles and beliefs. Therefore, like inflexible soldiers the tough customers emanating from sectarian institutions also never change their blinkered opinions because after passage of certain period their truculent beliefs are baked that louse up judicious sprucing up of personage.Governments of various states have utterly neglected spiritual wants of man. They have funneled all resources to fulfill corporal needs of the public. It is difficult to telescope state owned religious institutions because majority of establishments are imparting only materially engrossed education that teaches means of raking up fat wads of bank notes instead of performing role of spiritual grooming. The contemporaneous global community is a besmirched society without any feeling for humanity. Its sleaze-spattered ambiance props up evils by stemming cardinal virtues. In this milieu the globe resembles a fertile land in which weeds have mushroomed that impedes outgrowth of flowering plants. This murky scenario has taken the wind out of moral sails and chiseled man to a mere cog in a rattling machine. Thus man has reduced himself to physical being by turning a blind eye towards his moral indigence.Everyone is mortal; therefore, each person is bound to deeply think about discursive reason of his existence. If we exclude spiritual aspect from life of a man then he is mere a moving pile of stinking heap on a barren terra firma. Therefore, there is crying need to rejuvenate true religious doctrine that can fulfill spiritual requirements of the contemporary man. Revivification of original prophetic religion is mandatory to spruce man as moderate citizen of the international community because mutilations and misinterpretations of religions have given birth to extremism in the world. Everyone should judge each religion disinterestedly before practicing it instead of blindly following the religious canons trailed by their forefathers that may be off beam. Everyone born into this world as a lone figure and each person has to lie in his own grave under mound of mud. After Resurrection everybody would be accountable to his personal deeds on the Day of Judgment. One should not adjudicate verity of any religion by watching the practices of its followers but by broadly studying fair-mindedly its true set of guidelines.

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