The Religious Are Linked to Men The Spiritual Are Linked to God

People tend to confuse religion with God but the two are completely different. The Spirit of the Universe is the only God and it has its people called the children of Israel. They are a group who were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the lord some 4,000 years ago. They are called the Vineyard of God because they are producers of spiritual growth. Religions, on the other hand, are referred to as the soil on which they grew.The false gods and prayers to idols are the manure that stimulated the spiritual growth and it made religious organisations important for God’s purpose. They grew out of the gods of Babylon that were based on the celestial bodies of the sun, moon, and stars. The Mother God of that area was called Mary, or Mother’s powerful eye. It as inhabited by the Amors who built Roma (reverse Amor) and they took their gods and their religion to the world. As Persians they became the Romans.The Eye God was a major deity in Egyptian mythology because it is based on the Islamic religion of Babylon and all religions have their roots in that place. Mary is the name of many tribal groups, although their names were adjusted by early explorers to hid this fact. The Maya and Maori are two cases in point.’Sun-mary’ is in ‘summary’ for everything under the sun. Mary-gold is the name of the sun flower and ‘days-eye’ is ‘daisy’. Her symbol is the five-point star on the flag of Islam and it sits over law courts, government buildings, the shoulders of generals, and on war machinery, and so on. It represents the role of the Mother God in all these endeavours. ‘Maxi-mum’ means the ‘greatest’ and it comes from the same source.Those who follow the religions are, therefore, linked to men who created the religions and they are the first and second beasts of Revelation. They put the Mother God into the path of the children of Israel and those who ignored it and went their own way grew stronger, although many died horrible deaths at the hands of religious cohorts.The beasts were protected by God to do their utmost to turn the world into a religious base so that the children of the Spirit were tested against them. Trial after trial was dished out to them and they suffered the pain and torture until their death and then they returned and did it again. That is why God references the ‘potter’ who builds a vessel and then casts it down to rebuild it once more until perfection is found in it.Now it is time for the removal of the religions and this is being carried out by the exposure of their roots in Babylon and the role of the 2 beasts. The end of the day has arrived and now comes the devastation that will see those caught up in the religions of men destroyed. Its contained in prophecies in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and elsewhere.

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